Ground source heat pumps work by using the heat stored in the ground from the sun’s rays to supply the energy required for your home’s heating and hot water system.


Aqua Plumbing & Heating Services Limited will bury the necessary pipe into the ground, either in a borehole or a horizontal trench. This pipe is usually a closed circuit which is filled with a mixture of water and glycol solution, which is then pumped round the pipe, absorbing the natural heat from the ground. In winter the ground is warmer than the air and buildings above. The glycol mixture absorbs heat from the ground, which is then concentrated and transferred to the buildings. This heat can be used to heat domestic water and a low temperature heating system such as underfloor heating.

The efficiency of a ground source heat pump is measured in Coefficient of Performance (CoP). This is the ratio of units of heat output for each unit of electricity used to drive the compressor and pump for the ground loop. A CoP of 4 means that for every kilowatt of electricity put in, you get 4 kilowatts of energy in the form of warm water. The flow temperature of the warm water is typically between 35 degrees Centigrade and 45 degrees Centigrade, which is ideal for low surface temperature heating systems.