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Plumbing a house with heritage

Posted on: 14/02/20

Plumbing a house with heritage

We’re working on a really exciting restoration and extension project this year, on a site of particular historic importance.  The original Old Mill house was recorded in the Domesday book of 1086 and is currently undergoing extensive but careful restoration, with a new contemporary styled glass linked extension and walkway connecting three separate buildings.

The main building has been derelict for some years, empty for many and latterly used by local teenagers as an unofficial playground.  The central house was sadly arson-attacked more recently and the entire roof and first floor left to burn and collapse.  So, it’s been a painstaking process for the new owners to clear the site and obtain planning permission to transform it into a beautifully modern living space, seamlessly merging the old with new contemporary, light-filled areas.

The client approached us because, as they explained ”you have been recommended by manufacturers and local customers and we realise from our recent meeting, you certainly know what you are talking about” adding “we are so excited to have Aqua Plumbing working with us here at the Old Mill.”

Our task is to re-plumb all 3 separate buildings, which will eventually be linked by glass walkways, with all the plumbing and electrical services passing through the glass links via hidden service ducts.  Bringing the building back into the 21st century, the heating and hot water will be run by renewable energy, IE: a ground source heat pump which works via a network of loops dug into the ground outside.  The loops absorb the heat from the ground which remains at a relatively even temperature all year round.  The renovation means the building will be so well insulated, that heat loss will be kept to a minimum so ongoing running costs should remain low.

The project is not without its challenges though. Firstly, it’s Grade II listed, sited in William the Conqueror’s Great Survey of much of England and Wales in 1086, so the buildings are of historic, architectural as well as local importance.  Secondly, because it’s an old water mill, the water table is very high, with the Danestream running right through the site, so our engineers have to be really careful with the plumbing and which pipes we install under the floor as it will be liable to flood.

The entire build project is due to run over a 2-year period, although we couldn’t begin work until 6 months in.  They had to demolish the unsafe sections and complete the build of a brand-new roof on the central main building, before we could go in and start with the first fix plumbing.  Two of our plumbers are on-site in phases, currently nearing the end of the first fix in the main central property, then we’ll come off-site whilst the insulation and plastering is being carried out.

“It’s a privilege to be working on such an interesting, historic project and witness its transformation over time. The house will be beautiful once completed.”

We look forward to sharing an update later in the year.

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