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There’s an Art to Under Floor Heating

Posted on: 09/10/20

There’s an Art to Under Floor Heating

PROPERTY: 100-year-old Cottage (or thereabouts!)

INSTALLATION: Overlay Underfloor Heating System

TIMEFRAME:  2 installers for 2 full days

Talk about precision, our installers were out laying underfloor heating pipework in a beautiful old New Forest cottage last week. And what a work of art! Check out our video below.

A little video of our underfloor heating artwork…

This 100-year-old cottage in the New Forest is currently undergoing major renovation.  Understandably, the owners wanted to replace the cold, drafty floor and dated radiators with a more efficient and easily controlled heating system. A system they can adjust remotely via an App on their phones.

Fuel efficient, sustainable heating

A more fuel efficient, sustainable heating system which allows them to control the heating in specific areas like; the lobby, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, shower room and porch. With insulated flooring throughout to retain the heat.

By removing the radiators, they’ve gained a modern, clean look throughout the downstairs.  

As with many old properties, the cottage has been extended a few times, so the flooring varies in material and level. In the original parts of the building, the flooring is suspended and where it’s been extended, concreted over.

The easiest way to tackle this mix of flooring is to with a retro-fitted overlay underfloor heating system.  Fitted without interfering with or compromising the integrity of the building.

Follow the CAD

It wouldn’t be ideal to start digging up the floor and with the way the overlay system works we don’t have to.  Our installers just follow the CAD underfloor heating plan, designed for each specific house and room by our friends over at Nu-Heat, simply clipping the heating tubes in position to match the plan.

Once the tubes are in position, connected to the central manifold it’s quite a sight to behold – a piece of artwork!

Next, it’s time to pour over the self-levelling compound, creating a smooth, level surface for the heat to evenly move through, rather than snagging in hot patches.  When set, the floor can be laid, sometimes as soon as 72 hours after. Either with ceramic tiles, vinyl or engineered wood flooring.  

With smart thermostats in every room,  controlled via the remote Heatmiser app, the owners have complete control over the temperature in each room, so they only need to heat the space that needs it. Leaving other rooms like the study for instance to warm up naturally in the sun.  Saving on fuel, saving on cost.

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OVERLAY UNDERFLOOR HEATING – fitted in a few simple steps:

  1. Repair any damaged areas around the floor edges.
  2. Fit the isolation strip around the edges of the room.
  3. Fit double-sided tape over the base of the isolation strips.
  4. Lay the black rubber matting, measuring and cutting the panels to fit into any recesses.
  5. Remove the protective backing as the panels are positioned, securing the panels to the floor.
  6. Cover the entire floor with black panels.
  7. Connect the tubes to the manifold.
  8. Check out the tube layouts on the CAD.
  9. Run the tubes through the matting grooves to match the CAD.
  10. Once the tubes in place, pour over a self-levelling compound for a smooth surface.

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