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Jeremy Vine Exclaims At Boiler Lifespan

Posted on: 15/11/19

Jeremy Vine Exclaims At Boiler Lifespan

 “I thought my boiler was meant to last 20 years!” exclaimed Jeremy Vine over the BBC Radio 2 airwaves recently, as he grilled Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell on Labour’s Green New Deal (to reach zero carbon emissions by 2030) and The Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) recommendation that every home in the country will need a new boiler if we’re to stand any chance of significantly reducing carbon emissions from our homes – just one small aspect of the greenhouse gas debate.

The Shadow Chancellor stated, “It was always going to be an incredibly bold and ambitious target, but to tackle climate change we’ve got to find alternative ways to energise and heat our homes and public buildings.”

The reality is that with increasing pressure on scientists, manufacturers and government to find alternative ways to heat and energise our homes, change will come. What form change takes is still up for debate, but with impending changes on new building regulations and the way we’re currently heating our homes causing climate issues, a good first step is to replace your ageing, inefficient, carbon-heavy gas boiler with a cleaner, more energy efficient boiler, with modern controls, saving up to 50% of your home’s gas usage (if you’re switching from an old open flue boiler with limited controls.)  Some of our clients tell us that one year on, with their new boiler, upgraded pipework and controls, their gas bill has already reduced by 50%!

Although we’re installing Air Source Heat Pumps and Ground Source heat pumps for customers as a renewable option on new builds, they simply don’t suit most older buildings as the insulation levels aren’t good enough.

Because of changes in building regs, we won’t be allowed to install gas boilers in new homes after 2025.  It’s possible that future government may decide to stop all new gas boilers being installed even sooner, so it’s worth thinking about replacing that old gas boiler for a modern, cleaner alternative while you still can, so your home stays warm for the next 12-15 years. After that, who knows what the options will be!

We get lots of calls from customers when the first cold snap kicks in, frustrated that their aged boiler (and by aged, I mean over 10 years) struggles to respond to the sudden demand to heat the home, after months of minimal use over the summer months.  

As the boiler ages, it becomes more inefficient, so fuel bills go up, emissions increase and it needs to work harder to heat your home, eventually packing up altogether.  So rather than wait for that to happen, when invariably you rely on it most, consider a more fuel-efficient, modern boiler whilst you’re still in control of when and how much you’ll need to spend.

We recommend Worcester Bosch condensing boilers, which with a lifespan of between 12 – 15 years, will not only lower your gas bills but, as we’re an accredited installer, come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on most models.  The new boiler will need servicing annually for the peace of mind of reliable heating and hot water when you need it most, performing at its most efficient and complying with manufacturer’s warranty conditions.

Jeremy Vine is not alone in thinking that his boiler should last 20 years, but the reality is that it’s a completely false economy. That boiler will be costing more, using more precious fuel for the privilege.   

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